2006 Alternative Dispute Resolution Awards in Acquisition



Traditional dispute resolution through formal administrative procedures and court litigation often imposes a “solution” handed down by a third party, typically after significant expenditures of time and resources. By contrast, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is often significantly less costly and time consuming, and can provide long-term solutions to conflicts between federal agencies and private sector contractors, while helping to preserve working relationships.

ADR is designed to satisfy an organization’s needs and should be administered in such a way as to optimize the possibility of amicable resolution of disputes. ADR awareness and skills training is essential to the effective use of ADR. Successful ADR initiatives achieve significant positive results in terms of fair and expeditious dispute resolution, and include appropriate means of measuring, evaluating, and institutionalizing ADR best practices.

The OFPP awards for outstanding acquisition ADR initiatives are intended to:

  • Recognize federal and private sector organizations that are innovatively and effectively utilizing ADR to resolve disputes relating to federal acquisitions and contracts;
  • Encourage the establishment and improvement of highly effective, voluntary ADR mechanisms throughout the Government and similar initiatives in private industry; and
  • Publicize exemplary acquisition-related ADR initiatives and “best ADR practices.”