2008 Clinger-Cohen Core Competencies

CIO Council
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We are pleased to present the 2008 Clinger-Cohen Core Competencies. Every two years, the Federal Government has the opportunity to review this core body of competencies in order to ensure critical knowledge areas are captured. This year, no new competencies were added. Instead, the focus was on sharpening the associated learning objectives. Changes reflect new statutory and regulatory requirements as well as areas requiring greater emphasis, including Information Security, Section 508 compliance, Privacy, Records Management, implementation of transformational technology, and generational management within the IT Workforce. Additionally, select learning objectives were mapped to the Office of Personnel Management's Executive Core Qualifications.

The review process was a collaborative effort among twelve federal agencies, academic representatives from both the Department of Defense's Information Resources Management College and the CIO University Consortium, and private industry members from the Industry Advisory Council. The 2008 Clinger-Cohen Core Competencies and their associated learning objectives will be used as the foundation for IT course and curricula development, as well as the development and consistent implementation of IT workforce policy initiatives across the Federal Government. This biennial effort fulfills IT workforce management requirements set forth in 40 USC 11315(c)(3) (Clinger Cohen Act) and 44 USC 3501, Section 209 (E-Government Act).