A Formula for Success



The Big Issue

Government is becoming more reliant on its suppliers, both for the delivery of services and for the creation of new or improved processes to support service delivery. Procurement is the vehicle through which suppliers are safely engaged and contracts managed to conclusion. A failure in procurement is very likely to put service delivery or service improvement at risk. It is therefore of crucial importance to the Government’s delivery agenda.

Good procurement produces value for money: the Efficiency Programme has amply demonstrated the value that procurement can bring through the reduction in cost of goods and services. Procurement should, however, be valued equally for its ability to assure the strategic delivery of complex projects, and through them, policy outcomes.

The Solution

To bring more certainty of success to the delivery of Government policy, there must be greater business engagement of suppliers at senior level with delivery risk addressed much earlier in the procurement process.

The Approach

Proposition 1: Talk first ...

Proposition 2: Address delivery and risk much earlier in the procurement process.