Building The DRM 3.0 - and SOAs and the Web 3.0 Too! Can We Start Now?

Lucian Russell, PhD, SICoP Special Conference


  • Thesis: We can manage context across multiple documents and organizations because of new developments from Computer Science R&D
  • Lucian Russell & Bryan Aucoin: we agree that the DRM 2.0 was a good start but we can and should go further
    • Bryan Aucoin: An updated perspective on Data Sharing (Ch 5) and what these services need from Data Description (Ch 3) and Data Context (Ch 4)
    • Lucian Russell: Overcoming limitations of DRM Data Description and Context
      • A more exact use of language is possible
      • We can build upon an existing mixed knowledge structure in use in the government 1for over 15 years
      • It is now possible to mine text documents as well as schemas to build a unified structure to support Data Sharing
      • The same structures enable a new SOA capability and the Web 3.0
  • Prof. Christiane Fellbaum: The new capabilities of WordNet 2.1
  • Lola Olsen: Success of the Global Change Master Directory program, the DRM 2.0 template for blending Data Description and Data Context
  • Dr. John Prange: Knowledge discovery using natural language processing
  • Dr. Michael Witbrock: CYC and its ability to realize the promise of IKRIS
  • Panel Discussion: for SOAs, DRM and Web 3.0 – can we start now?

(The Thesis and the Speakers)