CIO University Introduction

GSA, CIO Council


Welcome to CIO University! We are not an actual brick and mortar building; rather on behalf of the federal government we coordinate with a group of partner universities (a virtual consortium) which offers graduate level programs that directly address federal executive core competencies. Students who enroll and graduate from specific IT graduate degree programs at any of these six Universities receive diplomas from their institution and, in addition, are awarded a CIO University Certificate from the government. Degrees offered include; Master of Science in Technology Management, Master of Science in Information Systems Technology, Master of Science in Information Management and others.

As way of background, in 2000 the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Chief Information Officer's Council (CIOC) requested information from graduate schools as to how they might tailor their academic offerings to meet the specific requirements of the federal IT sector and its leaders. As a result, six prestigious universities including Syracuse, George Mason, George Washington, Carnegie Mellon, LaSalle and the University of Maryland-University College are now proud to be CIO University Partner Universities. This is a unique partnership-the first time the government has directly translated its requirements for its senior information management corps into a roadmap for universities to develop a special curriculum.

Typically 40% of graduates are government employees (including federal, state, local or tribal) and the remaining 60% come from the private sector. Over 770 people have earned CIO University Certificates since this program began in 2000. Shouldn't you? Learn more about each of the six CIO Universities. For more information about CIO University, contact Monica Fitzgerald at, program manager for IT Workforce at GSA.