COM(2006)0215, i2010 - First Annual Report on the European Information Society

European Commission


The European Commission’s i2010 initiative is at the heart of the renewed Lisbon strategy for growth and jobs. i2010 addresses the key challenges of a modern information society and promotes a partnership between the Commission, the Member States and all relevant stakeholders to harness the digital economy for Europe. i2010 has identified a number of key actions to be implemented during 2005-2010. The present communication updates the actions under information society and media policies for the period 2006-2007. It is based on the associated Commission staff working paper, which reviews the i2010 key actions against the background of information and communication technology developments in the EU.

i2010 has been endorsed by the EU. Member States have committed themselves to implementing the i2010 initiative and to contributing to review policy strategies within the i2010 High Level Group. The European Parliament strongly supports an information society focusing on the citizen and the public interest. The European Spring Council 2006 asked the Member States and the Commission to implement the i2010 strategy vigorously. The present communication is the first follow-up to the Spring Council, confirming i2010’s key role for the achievement of the Lisbon targets.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Implementing i2010 under the renewed Lisbon perspective
  • 2.1. Recent trends
  • 2.2. i2010 at the heart of the Lisbon Agenda for growth and jobs
  • 3. Policy priorities for the future
  • 3.1. The Single European Information Space
  • 3.2. Innovation and Investment in Research
  • 3.3. Inclusion, better public services and quality of life
  • 4. Conclusion