COM(2006)0690, First progress Report on the strategy for the simplification of the regulatory environment

European Commission


The present Commission Working Document is a direct follow-up to the October 2005 Communication COM(2005) 535: Implementing the Community Lisbon programme: A strategy for the simplification of the regulatory environment. It also complements the Communication on the “Strategic review of Better Regulation in the European Union”.

Simplification of EU legislation can make a significant contribution to improve the regulatory environment, update and modernize rules as well as reduce administrative burden in order to enhance the state of the European economy, taking into account developments in technologies, markets and the international context. This is the reason why the Commission has identified simplification as one of the key political priorities through the Better Regulation agenda.

In line with this orientation, the Commission Working Document takes stock of progress achieved in the implementation of the October 2005 simplification, addresses ongoing work in the pipeline and presents brand new initiatives which will enhance the simplification rolling programme covering the period 2006-2009. One of the key achievements of simplification is the progressive coverage of all EC regulatory areas. The Commission Working Document will also present a state of play in terms of codification.

In parallel, this first progress report addresses the success factors for achieving the simplification goals, in particular a solid set of methodologies, improved inter institutional cooperation with the European Parliament and the Council to take the work to the final stages, increased use of self-regulation and co-regulation as well as simplification at national level to ensure that the EU simplification benefits are not cancelled out by new national rules or technical barriers.

(Executive summary)