Circular A-11, Preparation, Submission, and Execution of the Budget (2008)



What is the purpose of the Circular?

Part 1: Provides an overview of the budget process. It discusses the basic laws that regulate the budget process and the terms and concepts you need to know to understand the budget process and this Circular. (Sections numbered 10 through 22)

Part 2: Covers development of the President’s Budget and tells you how to prepare and submit materials required for OMB and Presidential review of agency requests and for formulation of the FY 2010 Budget, including development and submission of performance budgets for FY 2010. The performance budget replaces the annual performance plan required by the Government Performance and Results Act. A significant portion of this part focuses on the preparation of the budget Appendix and the related database. Detailed instructions for a number of requirements not directly related to the preparation and production of the budget are accessible through electronic links that are provided in section 25. (Sections numbered 25 through 95)

Part 3: Discusses supplementals and amendments, deferrals and Presidential proposals to rescind or cancel funds, and investments. (Sections numbered 110 through 113)

Part 4: Provides instructions on budget execution, including guidance on the apportionment and reapportionment process (SF 132), report on budget execution and budgetary resources (SF 133), and a checklist for fund control regulations. (Sections numbered 120 through 150)

Part 5: Covers Federal credit programs, including requirements related to the preparation of budget estimates and to budget execution. (Section number 185)

Part 6: Describes requirements for strategic plans and annual program performance reports and provides an overview of the performance budget. (Sections numbered 200 through 230)

Part 7: Discusses planning, budgeting and acquisition of capital assets, and tells you how to prepare and submit information on new and past acquisitions. (Section number 300)

Part 8: Contains supplementary materials. (Appendices numbered A through K)