Concept Viability

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The Office of Government Commerce and the National Audit Office recommends the early involvement of suppliers in the development of technology enabled business change projects in the public sector. One of the key challenges facing the public sector is how to transform policy ideas into the desired outcomes, particularly when this involves IT-enabled business change. Concepts that appear straightforward on paper can be extremely difficult/risky to execute, especially when the technology is new or emerging, or when transaction volumes are very high.

Early engagement:

  • allows suppliers to show the client how the market can meet their need
  • provides early visibility of key risks and issues
  • gives suppliers the opportunity to manage expectations of what the market can and cannot contribute to the proposed programme

Intellect fully endorses this approach and invites public sector clients to take market soundings to test the practicability of their ideas at the earliest possible stage. In essence, the earlier the concept is tested, the better; clients will gain greater understanding of the achievability of their ideas and high-risk proposals can be modified or abandoned before any substantial investment is made.

This service is intended to assist the development of a more comprehensive assessment of projects at their earliest stages. To this end, the assessment proposed should not be viewed in isolation, but rather as part of a wider consultation undertaken by the client (i.e. this will not replace work which the client undertakes on proof of concept or feasibility, but rather seek to inform it).

(What is Concept Viability?)