Concept of Operations

Office of E-Gov, OMB

概要 is a flagship Administration initiative intended to allow the public to easily find, access, understand, and use data that are generated by the Federal government. operates at two levels. The website is the public presence, delivering on the government’s commitment to transparency. On the policy level, is about increasing access to data that agencies already make available and making available additional data sources that have not been freely presented to the public in the past.

For data that are already available, the emphasis is improved search and discovery as well as provisioning of data in more usable formats.    For data that have not been widely available due to current business processes and policies, the focus is on providing data in a more timely and granular manner while still protecting privacy,  confidentiality, and security.

On an operational level,’s focus has been on creating the website and associated architecture designed to catalog Federal datasets, improve search capabilities, and publish information designed to allow the end user to determine the fitness for use of a given dataset for a particular application. The goal is to create an environment that fosters accountability and innovation.   Realizing the vision for the website requires agencies to:

  • Make their most relevant and informative data and related presentation tools available through;
  • Do so in a manner that supports use and innovation by stakeholders – public or private; and
  • Agree on a shared performance management framework centering on quantifying the value of dissemination of high quality, secure, public information that does not raise privacy or confidentiality concerns.

The purpose of this document is to lay out the overall strategic intent, operational overview (“as is”), future conceptual architecture (“to be”), and agency next steps.    This document is intended to help organize and transform government operations and guide technology development.

(1. Strategic Intent)