Decision 2256/2003/EC, adopting a multiannual programme (2003-2005) for the monitoring of the eEurope 2005 action plan, dissemination of good practices and the improvement of network and information security (MODINIS)

European Parliament, Council


(7) The eEurope 2005 action plan, confirmed in this respect by the Council resolution of 18 February 2003, proposes, inter alia, the establishment of the future structure at European level for network and information security issues.

(8) The move towards the information society can, by introducing new forms of economic, political and social relations, help the European Union to cope with the challenges of this century, and can contribute to growth, competitiveness and job creation. The information society gradually reorganises the nature of economic and social activity and has important cross-sectorial effects in hitherto independent areas of activity. The measures necessary for its implementation should take into account the economic and social cohesion of the Community and the risks associated with a digital exclusion as well as the efficient functioning of the internal market. The actions of the European Union and of the Member States in relation to the information society aim to promote further the participation of disadvantaged groups in the information society.

(9) There is a need for the establishment of mechanisms for monitoring and for the exchange of experiences which will enable Member States to compare and analyse performances and review progress in relation to the eEurope 2005 action plan.

(10) Benchmarking allows Member States to assess whether the national initiatives that they have taken in the framework of the eEurope 2005 action plan are producing results that can be compared with those in other Member States, as well as internationally, and are fully exploiting the potential of the technologies.