Delivery Confidence: Guide for Review Teams, Version 1.0



This guide is intended for OGC Gateway™ Review Team Leaders and Members who are about to conduct a Gateway Review which includes an assessment of Delivery Confidence. It will also be of assistance to Senior Responsible Owners (SROs) and Managers or Directors of projects and programmes preparing for a Gateway Review.

(How to use this guide)

Delivery Confidence is the confidence in the project or programme’s ability to deliver its aims and objectives:

  • within the timescales;
  • within the cost envelope;
  • and to the quality requirements including the delivery of benefits, both financial and non-financial;
  • all as laid down in the most recent formally approved mandating document (e.g. PID or Business Case).

Delivery Confidence reflects:

  • specific issues that threaten delivery to time, cost and quality and jeopardise the delivery of benefits;
  • the Review Team’s professional judgement of the likelihood of the project or programme succeeding even though there may be no definitively clear evidence either way;
  • the resilience of the project or programme to overcome identified shortcomings or threats.

Delivery Confidence is influenced by:- a project or programme’s use of established best practice;- generic indicators of project/programme health which are outlined in this guidance.

(What is Delivery Confidence?)