Department of Energy Enterprise Architecture (DOE EA) Program Configuration Management Plan

DOE EA Program Team
PDF (Archived)


Configuration management (CM) of the DOE Enterprise Architecture (DOE EA) Program entails the usage of the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) Portal, the DOE Enterprise Architecture Repository (DEAR), and any other method for developing, maintaining, storing, tracking, etc. artifacts of the DOE EA Program.

The OCIO Portal will be used to retain DOE EA document artifacts, including DEAR documents. The Portal contains two DOE EA communities as follows:

  • The CIO EA web pages which serve as an archive for historical DOE EA documents and DEAR Official Use Only (OUO) documents. Only the existences of the historical plans are tracked. DEAR documents are tracked under the DEAR CM Plan. This community is only accessible by OCIO DOE EA staff.
  • The DOE EA Community web pages which contain the most current DOE EA documents being used for defining and managing the DOE EA. Some of the documents in this community are background or office-specific information and will only be tracked in regards to their existence. A selected set of documents in this community will be identified and tracked for changes. This community is only accessible by DOE Enterprise Architecture Working Group (EAWG) members.

DEAR is considered an artifact of the DOE EA Program. However, a separate CM plan will be used to manage DEAR and its associated documents because of its OUO status. Only those within the DEAR team and OCIO DOE EA Program staff have a need-to-know and access to these documents. The DEAR documents will also be included within the application, in a secure location, to ensure easy accessibility for the DEAR team and also as a backup for the master copies retained on the OCIO Portal.

In addition, the OCIO will maintain a library of master file copies of specific DOE EA Program documents with the prime contractor to serve as a backup repository for those on the Portal in the event they are removed or the Portal is destroyed and not recoverable.


The DOE EA Program CM Plan identifies the approach or process for controlling the development and release of DOE EA Program artifacts. The DOE EA Program CM process involves identifying the DOE EA Program artifacts to be included (e.g., selected work products, deliverables and their descriptions) at given point in time, systematically controlling changes to the artifacts, and maintaining the integrity and traceability of the artifacts throughout the DOE EA Program life span.

(Purpose of the Configuration Management (CM) Plan)