EPA Data Architecture for DRM 2.0

Enterprise Architecture Team, US EPA, Co-Chair, SICoP
PPT リンク切れ


  • Data Models by EPA Business Line using DRM 2.0 Structure:
    • Example: Made the Draft 2007 EPA Report on Indicators DRM 2.0 Compliant and integrated it with other indicator reports using an overall data model (actually ontology) for indicators being developed in cooperation with the NAS Key National Indicator Initiative and others (CEQ, etc.).
  • Data collection, sources, and validation:
    • Example: Relied on OIAA's work on Indicators from 2003 to the present for metadata and broadened that to include many others high-quality sources of indicator data that have metadata since EPA originates very little indicator data itself.
  • Note: These new Data Models are available as DRM 2.0 Templates at the top of the online data assets (XML) and/or as formal ontologies (OWL). See slides 3-5.


  • Reviewed the earlier “data architecture” work with SRA consultants and concluded that we need more than use of the EPA Strategic Plan and the “EPA data standards – System of Registries”.
  • Decided to focus on making EPA Data DRM 2.0 Compliant in a Semantic Network in support of Network Data Model (Ontologies), Indicators, the “Big Decision”, Model-Driven Architecture, and recent requests for assistance.