Effective partnering: An overview for customers and suppliers



This document summarises the key issues around considering, planning and creating a partnering relationship with an IT service provider. Its focus is not on formal procurement, contracts or service delivery management. Instead, it covers the critical factors in creating a strong working relationship built on mutual benefit – taking the right approach, creating the right behaviours, putting the right people in place and managing the arrangement in the right way in order to achieve a successful outcome for both parties.

The guidance is primarily intended for those leading the project and programme teams in the customer and provider organisations. It will also be of interest to everyone who may be involved in a partnering arrangement.

The first part of this document outlines the main considerations for partnering.The second part sets out essential questions on the partnering relationship that should be considered by the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO).These questions supplement The OGC Gateway Process:A Manager’s Checklist and are designed to help SROs to self-assess the development of the partnering relationship at key points in the procurement lifecycle. Senior Responsible Industry Executives (SRIEs), the SRO’s counterparts in provider organisations, will also benefit from this selfassessment process.