Efficiency and Effectiveness eGovernment, Key activities 2007-2010

DG Information Society and Media


Starting in 2007, the European Commission renews benchmarking efforts, launches peer-to-peer benchlearning in public agencies, breaks barriers to eGovernment, and intensifies good practice exchange, asking Member States to put in place national impact frameworks.


The Commission, in partnership with Member States, the private sector, and civil society will take the following action:

In 2006, the Commission, working together with Member States, will propose a common impactoriented eGovernment measurement framework and subsequently fine-tune it.

In 2007, in line with the i2010 benchmarking framework, benchmarking and case-based impact and benefit analysis based on common indicators will be performed based on Member States’ inputs to monitor progress with this Action Plan.

In 2008, the Commission, together with the Member States, will explore mechanisms to ensure the long-term financial and operational sustainability for sharing experiences, infrastructures and services.

Between 2006 and 2010 the Commission will continue actively to promote the sharing of resources, good practice and experience in eGovernment.

(Politically agreed goals)