European Union Public License (EUPL v.1.0)

European Commission


The European Commission has approved the EUPL on 9 January 2007. The licence was made available in English, French and German.

By a second Decision of 9 January 2008, the European Commission has validated the EUPL in all the other official languages, in respect of the principle of linguistic diversity of the European Union, as recognised by Article 22 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights. At the same time, due account has been taken of the European Union Law as well as of the specificity and diversity of Member States Law.

EUPL has been approved as a licence to be used for the distribution of software developed in the framework of the IDA and IDABC programmes. Nevertheless, the licence text is drafted in general terms and could therefore be used for other software applications, as the case may be.

This page is only for information and contains all the official versions of EUPL v.1.0 together with a preamble explaining the purpose of this ( Free/Libre ) Open Source Software Licence.