European Union Public License (EUPL v.1.1)

European Commission


The EUPL is the first European Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) Licence.

The EUPL was approved as a Licence to be used for the distribution of software developed in the framework of the IDA and IDABC programmes. Nevertheless, the text of the Licence is drafted in general terms, so the Licence may be used for other software applications, as the case may be, by other European Institutions, by national, regional or local administrations, other public entities as well as private entities and natural persons.

From EUPL v.1.0 to EUPL v.1.1

The European Commission approved the EUPL v.1.0 on 9 January 2007. The Licence was made available in English, French and German. By a second Decision of 9 January 2008, the European Commission validated the EUPL v.1.0 in all the other official languages, in respect of the principle of linguistic diversity of the European Union, as recognised by Article 22 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

In the elaboration of the EUPL, due account was taken of the European Union Law as well as of the specificity and diversity of Member States Law.

By a third Decision of 9 January 2009, the European Commission adopted a revised version of the Licence while at the same time validated it in all the official languages (EUPL v.1.1).

This page contains all the official versions of the EUPL v.1.1 together with a preamble explaining the purpose of this Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) Licence.

Main amendments

Clarifications were considered necessary so as to facilitate the use and avoid any doubts concerning the interpretation of the EUPL v.1.0. Consequently, amendments do not alter the meaning of any clause of the EUPL v.1.0.

Amendments are limited. For example:

Point 1 was amended to include the activity of on-line "Application Service Provider" (or "Software as a service").

In point 5 the "copyleft clause" was amended to make clear that any Work distributed under the EUPL v.1.0 may be re-distributed under the EUPL v.1.1 or any later version. The new text simplifies the Licence by replacing the previous last sentence of point 13 paragraph 3 with a similar effect.

In point 13 a new paragraph was added, according to which "All linguistic versions of this Licence, approved by the European Commission, have identical value. Parties can take advantage of the linguistic version of their choice". This new paragraph reflects the original intention of the European Commission.