European eParticipation Day 2009

European Commission
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The first European eParticipation Day organised by the European Commission was held on 4 March 2009. It aimed to highlight how Information and Communication Technologies are transforming the political landscape and to enhance and boost eParticipation - the use of ICTs to give ordinary people more of a say in the decisions that affect them.

Participants were also able to visit an exhibition of 21 eParticipation projects that have been funded under programmes run by DG Information Society and Media to learn more about their activities and achievements.


The Internet and other ICTs are part of our everyday lives, increasingly being used by older people but particularly popular with the young. Web 2.0 and advances in telephony have made it possible for people to network and form communities without geographical boundaries in a way not seen before.

One of the key messages from the event was the need for politicians and parliaments at all levels to exploit these tools to engage citizens, and not to expect citizens to come to them. European citizens, including the young, are interested in EU issues, even if they may not be interested in the EU institutions and political processes. eParticipation will be most successful when focused on decisions that are being made which are of personal interest to citizens and when they feel that their voice is really being heard.