Expanding E-Government: Achieving Results for the American People (2008)

OMB - Office of E-Gov & IT
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SUBJECT: Expanding E-Government Results Report

I am pleased to provide the Expanding E-Government Results Reports. The results included in this report are for the period of performance ending September 30, 2007. Included are the results for my Fiscal Year 2007 performance goals and the Fiscal Year 2008 goals.

As you can see, we continue to improve our overall performance. As of the most recent quarter ending March 31, 2008, our progress against the green scorecard criteria is as follows:

  1. Enterprise Architecture: 93% or 25 out of 27 agencies;
  2. Business Cases: 30% or 8 out of 27 agencies and 42% acceptable business cases (337 out of 810);
  3. Security: 59% or 16 out of 27 agencies;
  4. Project Management (Earned Value Management): 52% or 14 out of 27 agencies; and
  5. E-Government Initiatives Implementation: 81% or 22 out of 27 agencies.

In addition to the efforts by the agencies for managing their IT investments in accordance with sound management principles, the CIO Council has taken on activities to support the continued development of our IT work force and the sharing of best practices. The Council has updated its Strategic Plan which I have also attached for your use. We anticipate working on activities to ensure the transition of the common government wide solutions into the next Administration.

There is much the departments and agencies have accomplished but there is still more which can be accomplished between now and the end of this Administration. I appreciate your support and look forward to your assistance in order to achieve results for the American taxpayer.