Expanding E-Government: Achieving Results for the American People (2009)

OMB - Office of E-Gov & IT


SUBJECT: Expanding E-Government Results Report

I am honored to provide my final E-Government Results Reports. The results included in this report are for the period of performance ending September 30, 2008. A comparison to past years is also included in the report.

The report illustrates the continued advancement in our overall performance. Additionally, the advances made by the agencies in managing their IT investments in accordance with sound management principles are notable. The CIO Council continues to share best practices: which are increasingly important as the agencies move towards implementing Web 2.0 technologies. The CIO Council has also completed a transition guide for use by the incoming Administration and those new CIOs who will join those continuing on the Council. There remain opportunities for continued improvement; especially in customer satisfaction for the E-Government initiatives.

The departments and agencies have accomplished a great deal, providing a sound foundation for the incoming Administration to implement their program priorities. The CIO Council appreciated your support through the years. I take pride in the fact we have delivered on the promise of value driven and accountable IT, structured to execute on behalf of the mission and business of government, better serving the American people and those devoted to government service. With these achievements, the next Administration will be poised to take on great new initiatives to benefit the American taxpayer.