FEA Records Management Profile, Version 1.0

OMB, CIO Council


In performing their missions, Federal agencies produce records that are important business assets supporting Government operations. Agencies must manage their records throughout the records life cycle from creation through final disposition. By identifying and embedding records management requirements within their enterprise architectures, agencies will realize benefits such as compliance with relevant laws and regulations, consistent records management practices across the agency, improved customer service, and real cost savings.

In the current business environment, however, Federal agencies are using disparate and inefficient processes to manage their records, thereby exposing their organizations to considerable risk in their business operations and mission-related responsibilities. To address this problem, agency decision-makers need guidance to help them define records management requirements and apply records management policies and procedures consistently across the enterprise.

Establishing a Records Management (RM) Profile in the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) provides agency decision- makers with a framework for incorporating statutory records management requirements and sound records management principles seamlessly into agency work processes, enterprise architectures, and information systems. The RM Profile identifies the following objectives:

  1. Use the FEA as the common Government-wide framework for identifying records management requirements.
  2. Identify records management issues and requirements and link them to their implementing technologies and business processes.
  3. Build records management requirements into agency information technology (IT) governance processes for capital planning, enterprise architecture, business process design, and the systems development life cycle.
  4. Establish a concise and coherent body of records management resources that places this information in the proper context within the FEA.

The RM Profile is a framework that overlays, or cross-cuts, the inter-related FEA reference models: the Business Reference Model (BRM), Service Component Reference Model (SRM), Technical Reference Model (TRM), Data Reference Model (DRM), and Performance Reference Model (PRM). The RM Profile provides an overview of the FEA and explains how the reference models provide a context for applying effective records management practices. Additionally, the RM Profile includes a description of how each reference model currently addresses records management and how agencies can use the various records management resources in the RM Profile to improve their records management programs. The illustration below summarizes the records management resources cited in Chapter 3 and shows how they align to each of the five FEA reference models.