FY 2003 Report to Congress on Implementation of The E-Government Act

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This report includes a summary of federal agencies’ compliance with goals and provisions of the Act; details the operation of the E-Government Fund, and summarizes the E-Government information reported to OMB by agencies in December 2003. The report is comprised of three parts:

  • I. Operations of the E-Government Fund
  • II. Compliance with Goals and Provisions of the Act
  • III. Summary of Agency E-Government Activities

Part III provides highlights of agency-specific E-Government activities. The status and progress of the 24 Presidential E-Government initiatives (goals progress, performance outcomes and milestones) can be found in Chapter 9, Table 9-2, FY 2005 Budget of the U.S. Government, Analytical Perspectives.The information contained in this report is based on the December 2003 agency E-Go vernment Act reports. Additional information has been supplemented by FY 2005 agency budget submissions, as appropriate. OMB and agencies have transmitted other specific reports pertaining to E-Government separately to Congress. For example, while information about implementing the Government Paperwork Elimination Act -an amendment to the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (PRA) -is included in this report, later this year OMB will issue the Fiscal 2004 Information Collection Budget which will describe the information collection burden imposed by the federal government on the public; the agency progress towards eliminating violations of the PRA; and agency initiatives to improve the efficiency of information collections, reducing burden on small businesses, farmers, and manufacturers.