Federal Enterprise Architecture Geospatial Profile Version 1.1

CIO Council - AIC, Federal Geographic Data Committee
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Geospatial data and capabilities are integral to virtually all federal, state, local, and tribal government activities. Yet, many organizations cannot answer basic questions such as:

  • How do geospatial data and technologies enhance the business processes that are essential for fulfilling agency missions?
  • How do organizations identify and describe the geospatial data, capabilities, and needs within their enterprise architecture?
  • How are these capabilities and needs more easily reflected and planned for within an organization’s Information Technology infrastructure?

A Geospatial Profile in the Federal Enterprise Architecture provides agency personnel with approaches to gather answers to these questions and establish a framework to more effectively manage geospatial data and services. Additionally, the Profile can improve information exchange based on location, across and outside of federal government to address issues and identify solutions.

Although linked to key elements of the FEA, the scope and relevance of the Geospatial Profile is applicable to any organization interested in developing a consistent geospatial capability. Recognizing the multi-jurisdictional and pervasive nature of geospatial capabilities, this Profile promotes broad use of common geospatial information and services among partners at all levels of government.

The Geospatial Profile has been organized to first introduce basic geospatial principles, provide context and scope, and identify the intended audience. Chapters 3-7 provide in-depth guidance on geospatial considerations in each of the FEA reference models (Performance, Business, Data, Service, and Technical).

The FEA consists of a set of interrelated “reference models” designed to facilitate cross agency analysis and identification of duplicative investments, gaps and opportunities for collaboration. Collectively, the reference models comprise a framework for describing important elements of the FEA in a common and consistent way. Through the use of this common framework and vocabulary, IT portfolios can be better managed and leveraged across the federal government. This Geospatial Profile brings a geospatial perspective to each of the five FEA reference models.

(Executive Summary)