Federal IT Project Management Validation Initiative

CIO Council
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Subject: Federal IT Project Management Validation Initiative

The Federal CIO Council was tasked to raise the capability and maturity of IT Project Managers (IT PMs) within the Federal Government. Over the past year, the Federal CIO Council, OPM and OMB have been working together to define key IT Project Management knowledge, skills and abilities; identify appropriate training sources to attain these capabilities; and establish a validation framework to ensure that all IT Project Managers who manage major IT initiatives reported to OMB via an Exhibit 300 have the necessary skill set.

On May 23, 2004, we presented to you a draft CIOC Project Management Matrix. The Matrix was sent to you for a two week comment period. Comments have been incorporated and the final CIOC PM Guidance is attached (Attachment A). This matrix defines levels of complexity for IT projects/systems, identifies competencies, provides guidance on suggested experience, and lists suggested sources for education and training. It is designed to serve as a tool in validating Agency IT Project Manager credentials. Agencies should use these minimum standards as a baseline to perform the validation process, but should tailor agency IT PM programs to ensure that all major IT initiatives under their purview are managed by highly qualified individuals.

Attachment B contains additional information on the validation and reporting process.

This Matrix serves as the CIOC Project Management Guidance referred to in the FY 2005 Budget Passback that requires that "by September 30, 2004, all major projects will be managed by project managers qualified in accordance with CIO Council guidance."

(Memorandum for Chief Information Officers)