Federal Transition Framework Catalog of Cross Agency Initiatives Version 1.0

OMB - Office of E-Gov & IT - FEAPMO
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The Federal Transition Framework (FTF) provides clear and consistent information to describe government-wide IT policy objectives and cross-agency initiatives.

The FTF does not create IT policy. It provides a simple structure to organize and publish existing information to:

  • Enhance the quality and consistency of information on cross-agency initiatives
  • Increase the level and speed of adoption of cross-agency initiatives
  • Improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of IT investments and programs related to cross-agency initiatives.


Three documents are provided to describe the content and structure of the FederalTransition Framework and how it should be used:

  • FTF Usage Guide: Provides guidance to agency decision-makers and crossagency stakeholders on how to apply and extend the FTF. This is the first document to read when starting to learn about the FTF and how it should be used.
  • FTF Catalog: Provides a written description and information references for cross-agency initiatives included in the FTF.
  • FTF Metamodel Reference: Provides information on the internal structure of the FTF. This document is provided as a technical reference for architects.


This document is a catalog of architectural content produced by Federal cross-agency initiatives. It contains content from Line of Business initiatives, E-Government initiatives and other initiatives spanning multiple Federal agencies.

The content for each initiative includes elements such as common business processes, legislative mandates, information exchange packages, shared service components, common technology standards and others. This content is structured according to the FTF metamodel, which is documented in the FTF Metamodel Reference. The content of the catalog is designed to be incorporated into agency target architectures and transition strategies.

The FTF catalog contains content from the following Line of Business initiatives, EGovernment initiatives and other initiatives spanning multiple Federal agencies:

  • Budget Formulation and Execution Line of Business
  • Case Management Line of Business
  • Disaster Management
  • E-Authentication
  • E-Travel
  • Federal Health Architecture (FHA)
  • Financial Management Line of Business
  • Geospatial Line of Business
  • Geospatial One-Stop
  • Grants Management Line of Business
  • Grants.gov
  • HSPD-12
  • Human Resources Line of Business
  • Information Sharing Environment (ISE)
  • Information Systems Security (ISS) Line of Business
  • Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE)
  • Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)
  • IT Infrastructure Optimization Line of Business