Open Government Directive

Framework for the Quality of Federal Spending Information



Transparency and accountability area two fundamental objectives of this Administration. As the stewards of taxpayer dollars, agencies should be transparent about how Federal funds are spent and be held accountable for ensuring that the funds are spent properly and judiciously.

The Open Government Directive, M-10-06, issued on December 8, 2009, instructs executive departments and agencies to take specific actions to implement the principles of transparency, partici8pation, and collaboration. The Directive required agencies to be accountable for the quality of Federal spending information that is publicly disseminated through such public venues as and other similar websites, and to work to improve the quality and integrity of that information.

Challenges exist, however, with the quality of the Federal spending information. Such challenges include duplication of information of data, missing transactions and data elements, and inaccurate or untimely data. This document outlines a data quality framework that agencies should adopt in improving the quality of federal spending information that is publicly disseminated. Agencies should take steps to ensure that the data disseminated complies with applicable standards on information quality and that adequate internal controls are in place to ensure the integrity of the data released to the public.

Federal spending information is designed to inform the public on how and where tax dollars are being spent to provide transparency to the Federal government’s operations. Agencies should coordinate internally and leverage existing processes to the greatest extent practical when developing and implementing the data quality framework.