Gateway Review 4 Workbook: Readiness for service, Version 2.0



About this Workbook

This Workbook supports OGC Gateway Review 4: Readiness for service. This Review investigates the organisation’s readiness to make the transition from the specification/solution to implementation; where appropriate it will assess the capabilities of delivery partners and service providers. The Review also confirms that ownership of the project is clearly identified after handover to operational services.

Readiness for service

OGC Gateway™ Review 3 covered the activity up to contract signature or agreement to place work with an existing supplier or partner. This Review focuses on whether the solution is robust before implementation; how ready the organisation is to implement the business changes that occur before and after delivery; the contract management arrangements that are in place or being arranged; and whether there is a basis for evaluating ongoing performance. For PFIs or strategic partnership contracts it is particularly important to ensure that the project is well prepared for the contract management phase. This would mean that a governance structure is being developed for the operational phase of the project together with adequate budgets, appropriately skilled staff from the client and provider, plus appropriate accommodation for the service management team.

For property/construction projects, this Review takes place after the project has been approved as ready for use. Commissioning will have taken place, although this will not be completed until after occupation, as systems are re-balanced to take account of the effect of occupancy. For IT-enabled projects, this Review takes place after all testing, including business integration and business assurance testing, has been completed and before rollout or release into production.