Gateway Review 5 Workbook: Operations Review and Benefits Realisation, Version 2.0



About this Workbook

This Workbook supports OGC Gateway Review 5: Operations review and benefits realisation. This Review confirms that the benefits set out in the Business Case are being achieved and that the operational service (or facility) is running smoothly. The Review is repeated throughout the life of the service, with the first Review typically 6-12 months after handover to the new owner and a final Review shortly before the end of a service contract. The Review can also be used on a one-off basis, to check that a project has delivered its intended outputs.

Private Finance Initiative (PFI) funded projects should be subject to OGC Gateway Review 5. The annex to this Workbook provides an overview of the key issues associated with reviewing PFI projects.

Operations review and benefits realisation

OGC Gateway™ Review 5 is for the operational phase, after the project has delivered its agreed outputs contributing to the outcomes of a programme. This might be a new facility, IT asset or a soft output such as training. Unlike the earlier phases of the project lifecycle, the operational phase is likely to be long term and consume a significant proportion of the whole-life costs of the investment within the Business Case.

OGC Gateway Review 5 will typically occur several times over the life of the operational service. The first OGC Gateway Review 5 concentrates on the Business Case and how well arrangements have been set up for the service delivery and the associated contract management. Depending on the lifespan of the operational service there may be a number of repeating mid-term OGC Gateway Reviews 5 to check operational management. For a long-term service contract (such as a hospital PFI) there may be four Reviews over a period of twenty years. For IT enabled projects, the period may be much shorter; there may be only two or three Reviews over a five-year period. This mid-term Review examines in detail aspects such as arrangements for contract management improvements in value for money and performance incentives against a baseline. The final Review will concentrate on the project activities concerned with closing down the current service contract and ensuring that suitable arrangements are in place for the future.

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