Government at the Brink Vol.I

Committee on Governmental Affairs U.S. Senate


At the start of a new Administration, Washington’s attention naturally centers on policy. Lurking below the surface, however, are a host of management problems that will severely test the Administration’s ability to execute its policy agenda. Management problems of the nature and magnitude facing the federal government would attract the highest priority attention from private sector executives, who know they couldn’t do business without first solving them. While the problems are just as devastating for the federal government, they tend to fester largely under the radar screen in Washington.

The purpose of this report is to draw attention to these problems and highlight the urgent need to resolve them. The report lays down some markers on where we are today and what needs to be done to fix the management mess in Washington. The Bush Administration has inherited a series of truly daunting problems, which have developed over many years. While not of their making, the new Administration now faces the consequences of these problems. They need to take them on and solve them—something their predecessors failed to do. Otherwise, much that they try to accomplish will inevitably fail.

(Report Overview)

  • Federal Workforce Problems
  • Financial Management Problems
  • Information Technology Problems
  • Overlap and Duplication

(Table of Contents)