Government-Wide IT Infrastructure Optimization Annual Report (2008)

OMB - Office of E-Gov & IT
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The current state of IT infrastructure in the Federal government is at a crossroads. This report provides agencies and other stakeholders with a snapshot of the current IT Infrastructure Line of Business (ITILOB) environment, and addresses the need for a government-wide perspective of IT infrastructure optimization.

The IT Infrastructure Line of Business (ITILOB) provides agencies with a forum in which to solve key issues relating to the evolution of the Federal IT infrastructure - the single largest segment in the government’s annual IT budget. This report discusses and addresses the need for a government-wide perspective of IT infrastructure optimization.

In 2008, the ITILOB laid the foundation for the annual cycle of data-driven optimization of the Federal infrastructure. The development of regularly updated performance baselines and Five-Year IT Infrastructure Optimization Plans enables year-over-year trend analyses and the empirical identification of common challenges, best practices, cost savings and avoidance opportunities. This report contains a summary of these 2008 results.

This report also looks ahead to 2009, when the ITILOB will build upon the foundation established in 2008 and focus on continually improving the quality of the benchmarking data and the integration of the five-year IT infrastructure optimization planning process with other planning processes. This report contains priorities for focus in 2009.

In addition, this report contains a section discussing the ITILOB Approach, and how it represents a data-driven, performance-based model to government-wide IT Infrastructure optimization, as well as IT Industry trends, and its spotlight on performance measurement, serviceoriented architecture and Green IT.

To maintain collaboration and to work from what is previously known, this report highlights trends from the Five-Year IT Infrastructure Optimization Plans, which are the top government-wide infrastructure trends as revealed by the five-year plans.

Other areas worth mentioning within this report are virtualization and consolidation, asset management, sustainability, strategic sourcing, security, performance management and customer service. This report also contains recommendations for the IT community on how to move forward efficiently and successfully.

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