How to Use the Performance Reference Model Version 1

OMB - Office of E-Gov & IT - FEAPMO
PDF (Archived)


To help agencies use the PRM, the FEA-PMO is suggesting a high-level process. This process has been identified through examining best practices and also builds from existing management processes that are relevant to the PRM. This suggested process to use the PRM is driven by its primary purpose: to develop IT performance information that can be used to improve decisionmaking and performance. The suggested PRM process follows the “flow” of PRM-related information through the entire IT lifecycle. However, the suggested process also acknowledges that IT initiatives must be developed in a business-driven context to be truly successful. As such the suggested PRM process identifies key intersections with other processes, such as the GPRA planning and reporting process or PART assessments that are relevant when using IT to improve performance.

How relevant the suggested PRM process is to a specific IT initiative will depend on many factors, including:

  • The degree of performance improvement needed;
  • Whether one’s frame of reference is that of an IT project manager, a program manager, an agency CIO or CFO, a Line of Business Owner or Managing Partner, an OMB examiner, or other decision-maker; and
  • What other existing management efforts, processes, and data collection efforts are currently underway that can be leveraged.