Human Capital Planning for the IT Workforce

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The Federal Chief Information Officer's Council (CIOC), in partnership with the Office ofPersonnel Management (OPM), has completed the 2004 IT Workforce Capability Assessment.Each agency was provided its agency-specific Survey results in October 2004, and the federalwideresults of this Survey are located at The Assessment is located at The Assessment enables an agency to compare the currentcapabilities of its IT workforce to its desired target capabilities, and to identify specificcompetency and skill gaps.

By using the Assessment and other human capital planning and management tools, agency CIOand CHCO partners are now better equipped to focus their attention on identifying and closingIT skills gaps. Once gaps are identified, options to mitigate the gaps using strategies such asrecruitment, training, developmental assignments, and contracting, need to be explored andintegrated as part of the agency’s overall Human Capital Plan.

By August 30, 2005, agencies, through the joint effort of CIOs and CHCOs, are expected todevelop and submit to OMB their plans for closing important IT skill gaps. The CIOC haschosen IT Project Management, IT Architecture (Enterprise and Solutions), and IT Security asjob activities important at the federal level due to their direct contribution to fulfilling thePresident’s Management Agenda. All agencies will need to analyze these three important jobactivities in addition to those job activities important to the specific mission of theagency. Completion of these plans will be monitored as part of the PMA Human CapitalScorecard requirement to significantly reduce gaps in mission critical occupations andcompetencies. Your plans will need to include the following:

  • A completed template (attached) showing the numbers of civil service staff on board ineach of the important job activities noted above, as well as the number of funded andunfunded positions needed. This is the same information collected in the CIOC springpoll last year.
  • A list of the important skill and competency gaps identified in your workforce analysis,and an indication of the risk associated with the gap (high, medium, low) of not beingable to accomplish mission objectives.
  • A plan and schedule for closing the high-risk gaps, showing specific actions and dates forcompletion.

A briefing on the 2004 IT Workforce Capability Assessment and the requirements of thismemorandum will be held at the Office of Personnel Management from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm onApril 19, 2005 and again on April 28, 2005. Please send the name and contact information ofyour agency's CHCO and CIO attendees to Please also advise whichsession will be attended.