IT Reform: Agencies Hold First TechStat Sessions

CIO Council


Agency-level TechStat sessions are currently under way, with 24 Federal CIO Council agencies on track to have held their first TechStat by March 31. As of March 25, 15 agencies have already held their first session.

A TechStat is a face-to-face, evidence-based review of an IT investment triggered when an agency determines that a project is underperforming, using data from the IT Dashboard and other sources. During the session, the agency CIO and the agency’s leadership team meet to determine the future of an IT investment.

As outlined in the 25-Point Plan To Reform Federal IT Management, agency leaders must stand up the TechStat model at the departmental level to turn around or terminate at least one-third of underperforming projects in their IT portfolio by June 2012.

In 2010, 38 high-priority IT projects were identified for TechStat reviews by the Office of Management and Budget. By accelerating timelines, de-scoping some projects, and terminating those that were off-track, the Federal government has already reduced total budgeted costs by over $3 billion.