IT Reform: Tracking Federal IT Infrastructure Consolidation

CIO Council


Two new resources created under the 25-Point Plan will help track progress on the Federal Government’s data center consolidation and cloud migration efforts.

The first is an interactive map that will regularly update the public on Federal data center consolidation closures. As of April 27, 39 data centers had been shut down; a total of 137 will be by the end of the calendar year. The map fulfills a requirement in the 25-Point Plan to provide a public “dashboard” that offers transparency and accountability into the consolidation program.

The second, a cloud migration list, announces three services each Federal CIO Council agency will move to the cloud by June 2012. Under the 25-Point Plan, each agency is required to “identify three ‘must move’ services and create a project plan for migrating each of them to cloud solutions and retiring the associated legacy systems.” The Federal Cloud Computing Strategy published in February outlines how the government intends to accelerate the safe and secure migration of these services.

The 25-Point Plan marks its six-month anniversary on June 9. Find information on the progress of additional IT reforms here.