Improving procurement: Pre-qualification tool



The Procurement Pre-Qualification Tool has been developed as a self assessment tool to enable the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) to quantify the status of a major ICT procurement prior to the start of a competition.

The purpose of the PQT is to assist the SRO’s engagement in the pre-competition stage by focussing on key areas to be addressed to ensure a successful procurement and subsequently, delivery of outcomes. Application of the PQT will also provide evidence for OGC Gateway Reviews and as such should be seen as an important supplement to the OGC Review process.

The PQT is a tool for internal application. Whilst the outcomes may be used for consideration by the SRO, senior project or programme members, or the Programme Board, the PQT is not intended to be a vehicle for external reporting.

The SRO is responsible for ensuring that a programme or project meets its objectives and delivers the projected benefits, and should seek advice from the relevant expert domains in order to determine the ratings for each question on the PQT. Access to expert advice should be maintained throughout the lifetime of the programme.

Additionally, as the official who is charged with delivery of the business outcomes it is recommended that throughout the lifetime of the programme/project the SRO reviews the overall progress with a suitable mentor.