Instructions for Task Order Proposal Submission For TSA Information Technology Managed Services (TSA ITMS) Task Order Competition



The Transportation Security Administration is conducting a task order competition to enter into a performance based arrangement to acquire information technology and telecommunication managed services required to meet TSA’s responsibilities under Federal legislation and executive orders.

As noted in TSA ITMS’s Statement of Objectives, this effort will include the full range of services needed to analyze requirements, develop and implement recommended solutions, and operate all IT products and services needed to “stand up,” as well as maintain, information technology and telecommunication services for TSA.

The competition to establish a performance based managed services arrangement has introduced several changes from traditional approaches. Two of the more significant are the use of a Statement of Objectives (SOO) versus a Statement of Work (SOW), and the introduction of a due diligence period to enhance a competing contractors understanding of the basic requirement.

Under a SOO, the Government describes its requirement in terms of desired objectives. Contractors will be asked to propose solutions that they believe will best meet or exceed the objectives. In essence, the Government states the problem it wants solved, and industry is offered the freedom to propose what they consider the best solution. Under a SOO, the Government is changing the very nature of what it is acquiring from the traditional compliance with a Government developed SOW, to performance results.

A due diligence period has been incorporated into the proposal preparation period. Due diligence is a commercial best practice that allows industry much greater access to information regarding the problem the Government wants solved. It is understood by the TSA ITMS program office that the more contractors understand the problem and constraints, the more likely they will submit superior proposals (solutions). Guidance for conducting the due diligence sessions is provided below.

The following provides prospective TSA ITMS contractors information to assist in preparation of their task order proposals.