Requirements Document Draft Version 1.0

KMWG, CIO Council
DOC (Archived)


“The most important contribution management needs to make in the 21st century is to increase the productivity of knowledge work and knowledge workers. It is on their productivity, above all, that the future prosperity – and indeed the future survival – of the developed economies will increasingly depend.”

The current Knowledge Management Working Gourp (KMWG) Web site,*1 has been developed in the early 2000’s in IBM Lotus QuickPlace and is hosted on a General Services Administration (GSA) server. The site has outlived its useful life and has received little or no support from GSA. Some of the content is valuable to the group and should not be discarded.

It is time for updating the site using current available technologies, like open source, industry standards, dynamic pages, and a portal as the presentation and authentication layer.

To better serve the KM community, the site will have to provide a way for various vendors to demonstrate their KM technologies. This will have to be done in a way that will not discriminate against any particular vendor. This will offer the KM practitioners an opportunity to compare various offerings and choose the best fit their local environments.

(Executive summary)

*1 へ移転。2014年3月現在閉鎖。