Lessons Learned - Effective Project Assurance



Project assurance helps manage risk and improves delivery confidence. Project assurance supports SROs and others responsible for successful delivery whilst providing funders and other stakeholders with the confidence that the project can deliver to time, budget and quality. All projects – be they procurements, property developments, policy initiatives or business change schemes – benefit from independent challenge and, therefore, all organisations should have in place an effective framework to provide a suitable level of assurance for their portfolio of programmes and projects.

Project assurance provides organisation-wide visibility of the project portfolio and an agreed view of risk, and is key to the learning and dissemination of lessons. OGC Gateway™ Reviews are important for assuring major projects and programmes, but should be only one element within a comprehensive assurance framework. OGC Gateway Reviews themselves often consider the findings of other assurance activities and, in turn, often feed into further assurance activities.

What does OGC’s experience tell us about how to make project assurance effective? Four things stand out: good planning, starting early, sharing assurance outputs and acting on recommendations. Quotations are from recent OGC Gateway™ Review and Starting Gate reports.