Memorandum M-09-02, Information Technology Management Structure and Governance Framework



After meeting with the departments and agencies regarding their Information Technology (IT) portfolio, I want to reaffirm and clarify the organizational, functional and operational governance framework required within the Executive Branch for managing and optimizing the effective use of IT. The IT governance framework addresses management structure, responsibilities and authorities of Heads of Departments and Agencies and their Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in planning, acquiring, securing, and operating and managing IT systems and assets within the agency. Please note the IT governance framework is not inclusive of all duties and responsibilities of CIOs.

In order to assure effective management for IT and minimize any disruption during the upcoming transition or any transition of leadership, please review the attached IT governance framework and summarize your agency’s current alignment with each element of the framework via signed memorandum by December 1, 2008. This summary may also include information on activities currently underway or other related management plans. OMB’s Office of EGovernment and Information Technology is here to assist you and your CIO in the implementation of this framework.

In particular, this framework includes the requirement for Heads of Departments and Agencies to consult with the Director of the Office of Management Budget (OMB) prior to appointing an Agency-Appointed CIO, and to advise the Director on matters regarding the authority, responsibilities and organizational resources of the CIO, per OMB Circular A-130 (published November 28, 2000), Section 9, Assignment of Responsibilities. Consultation with OMB on CIO appointments should be factored into your agency’s selection process, and OMB will ensure its input into such selections is expeditious.