Memorandum, The Federal Transition Framework Version 1.0

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I am pleased to announce the release of the Federal Transition Framework (FTF). The FTF is a single source for clear and consistent information describing government-wide IT policy objectives and cross-agency initiatives, such as the E-Gov and Line of Business (LoB) initiatives. The FTF (pilot version) contains three cross-agency initiatives and is now available at:

With the continued emphasis on common government-wide activities, the Federal Government must improve its ability to align to and implement common solutions to realize the benefits of these efforts as quickly as possible to improve services for the American taxpayer. We have already seen how improved agency access to information describing cross-agency initiatives, coupled with existing processes to assess and verify the use of this information, can help agencies rapidly adopt common solutions and approaches. The FTF is a catalog of architectural information and implementation guidance for cross-agency initiatives using a simple, familiar structure aligned with the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Reference Models. The FTF allows agencies to:

  • Receive more consistent, complete and detailed information about cross-agency initiatives more quickly to inform their enterprise architecture, capital planning and implementation activities;
  • Use information describing cross-agency initiatives to make better informed decisions about their IT investments; and
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT investments to realize service improvements and cost savings.

OMB will be working with agencies and the E-Gov and LoB initiatives over the course of the summer to expand the information in the FTF Catalog for release in September 2006. This next version of the FTF Catalog (version 1.0) will include information on most cross-agency initiatives, as well as feedback from the pilot version.

There is much more information about the FEA and FTF available at, including answers to a number of “Frequently Asked Questions” on the FTF. If you have any comments or questions about the FTF, please e-mail or contact the FEA PMO at (202) 395-0379.