National Information Exchange Model Concept of Operations v0.5



NIEM, the National Information Exchange Model, represents a collaborative partnership of agencies and organizations across all levels of government (federal, state, tribal, and local) and with private industry. The purpose of this partnership is to effectively and efficiently share critical information at key decision points throughout the whole of the justice, public safety, emergency and disaster management, intelligence, and homeland security enterprise.1 NIEM is designed to develop, disseminate, and support enterprise‐wide information exchange standards and processes that will enable jurisdictions to automate information sharing during emergencies as well as to become a natural part of the daily operations of agencies throughout the nation.

NIEM is not a software program, database, network, or computer system. NIEM is designed to facilitate the creation of automated enterprise‐wide information exchanges which can be uniformly developed, centrally maintained, quickly identified and discovered, and efficiently reused. The result is more efficient and expansive information sharing between agencies and jurisdictions; more cost‐effective development and deployment of information systems; improved operations; better‐quality decision making as a result of more timely, accurate, and complete information; and, as a consequence, enhanced public safety and homeland security.