OFPP Pamphlet #4, A Guide for Writing and Administering Performance Statements of Work for Service Contracts



Each year the government contracts for a large part of its mission support. As a result, civilian contractors have assumed a major role in day-to-day operations in the area of services. Contractors do such work as transportation, refuse collection, food services, and janitorial services. At some places they provide an entire support function, including engineering and supply.

  1. Whenever the government contracts out a job, it is entitled to receive quality service. So that the government can define and measure quality, this document presents a method of identifying and stating requirements in such a way that the statement of work (SOW) will state accurately our minimum requirements. It also explains how to assure that the contractor has actually performed the services required.
  2. This document is also designed to show non-contracting personnel how to write a SOW and a Quality Assurance (QA) surveillance plan for service contracts. It explains how contract administration personnel should take action based on surveillance results. (The example used is a service contract for vehicle operations and maintenance but, the method can be used for other service contracts, including total support contracts.

(1-1. -- New Role of Contractors)