Online Availability of Public Services: How is Europe Progressing? Report of the Fourth Measurement

DG Information Society and Media
PDF (Archived)


This report presents the results of the fourth benchmarking exercise on the progress of online public services in Europe. Next to measuring the percentage of online sophistication of basic public services available on the Internet, this study also measures the percentage of public services fully available online in the 15 EU Member States, plus Iceland, Norway and Switzerland1. The survey was executed in October 2003.

The European Commission, DG Information Society, ordered the survey in the context of the eEurope programme. The main objective of the benchmark is enabling participating countries to analyse progress in the field of eGovernment and to compare performance within and between countries.

In the following chapter, the context and scope of this study are elaborated. Afterwards, the results of the fourth measurement and the progress that has been achieved compared to the previous measurements are presented. In chapter 4 an analysing framework of the progress is illustrated with good practices. Finally, the overall conclusions on how Europe progressed in the last year are summarised.