Conducting Acquisition Assessments under OMB Circular A-123



The following checklist is provided as a guide that may be used to aid in developing a performance-based solicitation, contract or task order, and to assist in determining whether an existing solicitation, contract or task order may be appropriately classified as performance-based. This checklist is not intended to usurp contracting officer discretion or authority regarding how to structure an acquisition. However, the more an acquisition departs from adherence to the checklist, the less likely the agency will achieve the benefits of improved contractor performance and lower price that PBSC can provide.

This checklist contains minimum required elements that must be present for an acquisition to be considered performance-based. To be effective, these elements must be communicated to potential offerors in time to be considered when developing their proposals. It also contains additional PBSC components important to ensuring the Government obtains the benefits of PBSC and "other considerations" that are not performance-based contracting methods per se but that nevertheless so directly affect the success of PBSC that they are included.

This document is but one tool to assist in developing and assessing PBSC, and it is purposefully not detailed or explanatory. For more fundamental discussions of PBSC, see: Federal Acquisition Circular 97-1; Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 37.6; and OFPP’s Policy Letter 91-2, "Service Contracting" and "A Guide to Best Practices for Performance-Based Service Contracting." The latter two publications are available from the Executive Office of the President’s Office of Publications, 202-395-7332 and the Acquisition Reform Network,