People Capability Maturity Model (P-CMM), Version 2.0

Second Edition

成熟度モデル(Maturity Model)


The People Capability Maturity Model (People CMM) can help organizations successfully address their critical human capital issues. The People CMM employs a process maturity framework as a foundation for best practices for managing and developing an organization’s workforce. Based on the best current practices in fields such as human resources, knowledge management, and organizational development, the People CMM guides organizations in improving their processes for managing and developing their workforce. The People CMM helps organizations characterize the maturity of their human capital practices, establish a program of continuous workforce development, set priorities for improvement actions, integrate workforce development with process improvement, and establish a culture of excellence. Since the release of the Version 2 of the People CMM in 2001, use of the People CMM around the world has increased substantially by small and large organizations in many industries and market sectors. Based on continuing feedback and experience, this update of the People CMM has been prepared. This report documents an update to the People CMM, Version 2, which updates informative material within the People CMM and its subpractices and provides new information learned from the continuing global use of the People CMM.