Pre-Qualification Questionnaire: Introduction and Background



(Notice: This document is a template for Pre-Qualification Questionnaire. The quoted text below is a portion of it, though it describes the basic concept of PQQ.)

This Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (“PQQ”) has been issued by the Authority in connection with a competitive procurement conducted in accordance with the Restricted Procedure under the Public Contract Regulations 2006.

This PQQ sets out the information which is required by the Authority in order to assess the suitability of Potential Providers in terms of their technical knowledge and experience, capability/capacity, organisational and financial standing to meet the requirement. During the PQQ stage, the intention is to arrive at a Short List of between [x] and [x] qualified Potential Providers for formal Invitation To Tender against the requirement as advertised in OJEU Notice 20XX/s XX-XXXXX dated 20XX.

No information contained in this PQQ, or in any communication made between [Name of the Authority] (the “Authority”) and any Potential Provider in connection with this PQQ, shall be relied upon as constituting a contract, agreement or representation that any contract shall be offered in accordance with this PQQ. The Authority reserves the right, subject to the appropriate procurement regulations, to change without notice the basis of, or the procedures for, the competitive tendering process or to terminate the process at any time. Under no circumstances shall the Authority incur any liability in respect of this PQQ or any supporting documentation.

Direct or indirect canvassing of any Ministers, public sector employee or agent by any potential bidder concerning this requirement, or any attempt to procure information from any Ministers, public sector employee or agent concerning this PQQ may result in the disqualification of the Potential Provider from consideration for this requirement.

The object of the qualification process is to assess the responses to the PQQ and select Potential Providers to proceed to the next stage of the procurement.

(1.0 Introduction)