Procurement Capability Review Model, Version 4.0



1.1 This document sets out in one source the top level Procurement Capability Review (PCR) Model, showing the scope and coverage of the model at high leve, the approach to scoring and the detailed Standards Framework (including notes for reviewers on the standards expected and the likely evidence required).

1.2 Procumrent Capability Reviews are an integral part of the Transforming Government Procurement (TGP) agena. They assess how far departments are able to meet the standards to deliver TGP. The reviews will identify priorities for improvement and the process will provide for a structured follow up with departments.

1.3 The objective of OGC's Procurement Capability Programme is to assist organisations improve their procurement performance by attaining “world-class” standards that are appropriate to the scale and complexity of their business.

1.4 Procurement Capability Reviews assess organisations across the procurement spectrum (i.e. from commodities to complex projects) agains a series of nine high level indicators distributed under the heading:

  • Leadership;
  • Skills; and
  • Systems;

1.5 The Standards Framework is a reference document which acts as the repository of OGC's thinking under each of the high level indicators.

(1. Introduction)