Requirements for Enterprise Architecture and IPv6 Progress Reports

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Since June 1, 2006, scorecard agencies have been required to submit Quarterly EA/IPv6 Progress Reports to OMB. This quarterly reporting process is part of OMB’s responsibility to oversee the development of agencies’ enterprise architectures as part of the E-Government initiative on the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) Scorecard. Additionally, the non-scorecard agencies are required to provide a quarterly IPv6 progress report in accordance with the IPv6 Transition Guidance issued by the CIO Council Architecture and Infrastructure Committee in February 2006. Listed below are the procedures as they apply to scorecard and non-scorecard agencies.

Procedures for Scorecard Agencies

Following the annual EA Assessment in February of each year, agencies work with OMB to establish milestones representing the development of their EA programs over the next fifteen months. Agencies are instructed to also include Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) transition milestones within the set of EA milestones submitted to OMB1. Agencies are evaluated each quarter based on their success in achieving the EA and IPv6 milestones mutually agreed upon by the agency and OMB.

This memorandum serves as a reminder to agencies to include their IPv6 implementation activities along with the set of EA milestones for all quarters going forward (through the agency’s IPv6 completion date). These IPv6 implementation activities should reflect the schedule used by the agency’s IPv6 project lead to manage the IPv6 effort. Evidence of completion for each IPv6 milestone should be submitted along with the worksheet.