Revision of the EIF(European Interoperability Framework) and AG(Architecture Guideline)



In 2006, the European Commission has started the revision of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) and the Architecture Guidelines (AG).

This page presents the revision process and the main milestones.


Taking into account the progress made in this area, the rapid evolution of the technology and the desire to produce a document that will no longer be limited to the IDABC context alone, the process to prepare a second version of the EIF document was launched. This second version will be prepared in close collaboration with the relevant Commission services and with the Member States. Other, indirect stakeholders have been given the opportunity to provide their input.

The second version of the European Interoperability Framework acknowledges the existence of the National Interoperability Frameworks and related activities that today either already exist in the Member States or are being prepared.

At the start of the European Interoperability Framework revision process, the Commission asked Gartner inc. to make a study, positioning the European Interoperability Framework in relation to the current practices in the Member States and elsewhere, and to provide an independent view on the revision process and on its desired outcome.

(Context of the revision)